Sailing Holiday – Year 2 – Antigua!

By: Docthomas

Feb 06 2009

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So I am off for another two weeks of sailing and relaxing in the Caribbean.  So this is just a short post to let everyone know where we will be( as K is coming this year!!)

I will post pictures and updates as I get internet access throughout the week.


This is our current plan, but things will change due to weather/wind/what we feel like doing!

Either we sail North from Antigua to St Barts and St Maarten (about a 10 hour passage) or we sail South to Guadeloupe and Iles Sainte (about 6 hour passage).  Usual wind direction (Easterly) means that passage South is easier sailing.  We can decide pretty much when you all arrive, when we will know more about weather and predicted winds.  By the way – Antigua is the Southernmost of the Antigua/Barbuda combination on the chart below.

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